Vikings Treasure

Vikings Treasure Online Video Slot Overview

For players who enjoy a Viking or Scandinavian themed online game, then this slot might tick many of the boxes you are looking for. The Vikings Treasure online slot was developed by Net Entertainment, and takes players back to more than 1000 years ago, to the age when Vikings ruled the oceans in this part of the world. USA players can now join in with the Vikings Treasure slot, as they try to accumulate as many winnings as possible.

The actual slot is relatively simple in appearance and in the way in which it works, and so is quite suitable for both new players, as well as those with years and years of experience. The game has been designed for all online players, and so will function on a Windows based computer, or an on Mac, as well as a Linux operating system. Online players shouldn’t face any issues with getting the slot to work.

Adjustable Game Settings in Vikings Treasure

There is no progressive jackpot in the Vikings Treasure slot, and so every time a player from America logs in to start playing, they will have the same main jackpot prize available to them. In the case of this Vikings Treasure online slot, the main jackpot prize has been set at 10,000. With 5 game reels, this particular slot offers 15 separate pay lines, as well as the standard scatter and wild symbols.

There is no bonus feature as such, but players can get their hands on free spins. Because of the way the slot has been designed, US players are able to customize the size of their wager, and the value of the coins, to suit their personal wagering strategy. For instance, the minimum coin value can be set as low as 0.02, which can then be adjusted to a highest value of 0.5. Players must bet a minimum of 1 coin per line that they would like to be active for the next spin, and they can wager as high as 5 coins on a single line. How you go about deciding on what wager to place is all up to you.

Players should take note of what all the winning combinations are, as this might have implications for when they decide to go for the big win. You will need to place the maximum bet in order to have the opportunity of claiming the big jackpot prize win.

Max Bet with Vikings Treasure

As might be expected from the name, the symbols in the Vikings Treasure slot are all based around the Vikings. Some of the symbols that USA players will see in the Vikings Treasure slot include a helmet, a shield, and a giant axe. On the game play interface, you can quite easily adjust the bet level, and the coin values.

There is also an option to use the Max Bet button, which will automatically place the maximum bet possible for your next spin. Of course if you would like to try and win the main jackpot prize, you need to consider placing the maximum bet as often as you can.