Triple Wins High Limit

Triple Wins High Limit Instant Online Access

Winter blizzards and spring showers can be equally unpleasant to trudge through just to buy a scratch card, and a mission to the convenience store in the height of summer is no fun either. Luckily for America’s scratch card enthusiasts, though, they can play their favorite cards, like Net Entertainment’s Triple Wins High Limit, from their computer keyboard without leaving the house.

After slots, scratch cards are the USA’s top-played online casino games, because they are so simple to play, while offering a range of prizes for the same low bet. Triple Wins High Limit adds a bonus that is highly unusual in scratch cards: a progressive jackpot.

Scratch Card Laid Out as Usual                                      

American fans are familiar with the typical scratch card layout; a 3X3 grid of hidden symbols with a hidden multiplier below them. NetEnt hasn’t deviated from the simplicity of this design, although the extensive use of rich gold in the Triple Wins High Limit layout, with little accents of black and deep red, give the game a luxurious feel visually. To the right of the scratch card interface is a selection of 10 cards; players must pick one and click the Buy Ticket button to begin. These cost 2.00 in whatever currency they are playing in, for a maximum win, not counting the progressive jackpot, of 30,000.

Scratch to Reveal Wins and Multiplier

Once the player has bought a Triple Wins High Limit ticket, play moves to the ticket interface on the left of the screen. The player can choose from a number of scratching tools, including a key, a coin and a ring, and then scratch off the top layer on all 10 spaces manually, which is a ritual many swear by. If they prefer, they can just hit the Scratch All button and all 9 symbols on the grid, as well as the multiplier bonus, will be revealed immediately.

Multiplier Increases Prizes up to 10 Times

The symbols revealed on the Triple Wins High Limit grid will either be numbers, from 2 to 30,000 with six prize levels in between, or three gold ingots, which is the jackpot symbol. Players need to match three symbols anywhere on the Triple Wins High Limit grid to win the symbol’s value as a prize. The multiplier will increase any prize won by X1, X2, or X10; players have a random chance of hitting any one of these three options on every ticket.

Pay Tables and More Information

The progressive jackpot on each Triple Wins High Limit game is specific to the casino offering it, so the amount will vary depending on the number of players the game attracts at each site. However, it can grow into tens of thousands, or even six figures, and the current jackpot amount is displayed on the top right of the screen. Three jackpot symbols in any position on the card will trigger the progressive jackpot. The Pay Table button is on the bottom left of the screen; if players click through to the Pay Table, they can not only see the various prizes on offer, they can also learn how often these wins come up in every one million cards, so they can work out the odds and get an idea of how long they need to play to stand a good chance of hitting big wins. Other game controls and information are accessed by buttons below the card interface and players can choose scratch tools via a button at the top of the screen.