Triple Action Hold’em Poker

Triple Action Hold’em Poker by Amaya

Triple Actioold’em Poker is a variation of online poker created by Amaya Gaming, a casino software developer that offers a variety of online casino games including classic table and card games. Amaya has created an extensive game portfolio both by creating their own games and by purchasing the catalogues of other software developers, and continue to expand their range of casino games available at online casinos.

The Basics of Triple Action Hold’em Poker

The Triple Action Hold’em Poker game by Amaya is a unique variation of original Hold’em poker that is played with a deck of only 28 cards, consisting only of eights to Aces with all of the lower valued playing cards excluded. The game adheres to the general rules of Hold’em poker while incorporating different characteristics, such as side bets and bonus payouts, to create a new variation of online poker.

In terms of graphics, Amaya’s Triple Action Hold’em Poker offers a clean virtual view of a poker table, complete with poker chips and areas on the table for players to place their ante, bonus and flop bets.

How to Play

To begin a game of Triple Action Hold’em Poker, players must make their mandatory ante bets. Unlike other versions of poker, this game will also allow players to make additional flop bets and bonus bets, but these side bets are optional and do not have to be made. The cards will be shuffled before each game, and both the player and the dealer will be dealt 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards from the 28-card deck.

Raising, Folding and Side Bets

One of the dealer’s cards and two of the player’s cards will then be turned over, and the player must decide to raise or fold his bet depending on the outcome of his two faced up cards. If the player decides to raise, he must make a bet equal to his original ante bet; if he decides to fold, he will lose his ante bet, but if he made any side bets at the start of the game, these will stand.

The player’s remaining cards will then be revealed, and the best poker hand will win the game, while bonus payouts will be paid irrespective of which party won the base game.

Qualifying for Poker Payouts

In order for the dealer to qualify in a game of Triple Action Hold’em Poker, he must hold a poker hand of at least a pair of nines or better. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the ante bet will be paid even and any side bets will push. However, if the dealer does qualify, the highest valued poker hand between the player and the dealer will win the game. A tie will result in a push for both parties.

As well as a variety of payouts based on standard poker hand combinations, players may also receive a bonus payout if their card hand forms one of the specified combinations. These include a full house, which pays 2:1, four of a kind, which pays 4:1, a flush which pays 6:1, a straight flush which pays 20:1, and a royal flush, which offers a bonus payout of 50:1.