South Park Reel Chaos Touch

South Park Reel Chaos Touch Provides Novelty

South Park Reel Chaos Touch is the second South Park themed game from NetEnt, and perhaps the one aimed most at the hardcore fans of the controversial TV cartoon show. Set against the simply drawn mountain background that features on the show, South Park Reel Chaos is themed around the Coon vs Coon and Friends episode, in which the school kids all adopt superhero alter egos for an epic battle. The NetEnt Touch version of the game keeps all the mini-games and crazy features of the original, but makes them easy to play on tablet and smart phone touchscreens.

Familiar Characters in Crazy Disguises                       

South Park Reel Chaos Touch uses show characters as its icons, starting with the four young heroes in their crime-fighting personas: Kyle, Stan, Cartman and the always-doomed Kenny. Two other popular characters from the show also feature: sweet-but-pathetic Butters as Professor Chaos, and crippled Bradley Biggle as Mintberry Crunch. The game features five reels and 20 fixed paylines, although the total bets per spin can be adjusted according to the depth of the player’s pocket. South Park Reel Chaos Touch uses standard Poker symbols to trigger low-value wins, and the show’s characters as higher-value icons. The biggest prize on offer in standard play is 1,000 coins, which is paid out if the Professor Chaos icon appears five times on one payline.

Four Mini-Games within the Game

Each of the four heroes gets his own South Park Reel Chaos Touch mini-game, which help inflate the wins in a variety of innovative ways. Kenny’s Multiplier, Cartman’s Stacked Wilds, Kyle’s Overlay Wilds and Stan’s Multiplying Re-Spin all either increase the number of wins possible, or the size of any prizes won. The game also has three Wild icons related to the show’s superhero episode, which as usual can substitute for all symbols except the Bonus.

More Wins on Epic Bonus Spins Feature

The bonus game in South Park Reel Chaos Touch is triggered by Bradley’s icon appearing on Reels 1, 3 and 5. The Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins feature has Mintberry Crunch battling as many as four other opponents during free spins, with the number he defeats determining how many extra spins, multipliers or coins bonuses the player achieves. Combined with the mini-games, the Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins can turn up the game’s most satisfying wins.

Fans Have Access Anytime

South Park the TV show is subversive, satirical, often crude, and certainly not for the easily offended. Much the same applies to South Park Reel Chaos Touch; the crudity has been toned down, but the insensitive glee with which the kids battle each other remains intact. The epic superhero battles, like Kenny facing off against Professor Chaos, or Cartman in pursuit of General Disarray, perfectly capture the childlike imagination and wacky humor of the original show. South Park Reel Chaos Touch gives die-hard fans of the TV series the chance to play with their favorite characters, wherever and whenever they want to, on both Android and iOS platforms.