Silent Run Online Slots Guide for Casino Players

Silent Run, a five-reel digital slots game from major-league developer Net Entertainment, represents a significant departure from the happy-go-lucky themes so prevalent in many popular slots titles. Online casino gaming fans with an interest in the dangerous submarine missions of World War II will enjoy Silent Run’s bleak underwater setting. Another link to this conflict is the interactive animation rendered in typical NetEnt detail that accompanies the Echo Bonus Game, in which the player gets to fire torpedoes at enemy ships of different prize values.

Two Bonus Features Make a Difference

Silent Run’s Echo Bonus Game is triggered when the green Echo icon lands anywhere on Reel 3. This symbol then sends out 3 sonar pings, searching the vicinity for torpedoes. The total number of torpedoes, determined randomly between 2 and 5, governs the number of torpedoes the player then gets to fire at up to five different target ships, and each hit adds a hidden coin win and multiplier to the total prize for the spin. The Echo Wild is an identical icon that can also appear anywhere on Reel 3, although the Echo Wild is colored red. It transmits 3 sonar pings too. These will reveal extra hidden wilds in the area, which can result in many more winning paylines.

Stark Military Design Prevails

The regular wild in Silent Run is the mesh-covered Red Light used on submarines to minimize light leakage, which can give away a sub’s position. This wild applies no multipliers, but can stand in for any other icons except the two Echo symbols to plump up the wins. The authentic military utility is carried through to the design of the rest of the icons; even the low-value Poker symbols are presented as angular metal cut-outs. The higher-value symbols, Depth Charges, Explosive Mines, Torpedoes, a Destroyer and a Submarine, are rendered in muted sepia colors, with a top win of 1,000 coins for five Submarines on a payline.

Paylines are Fixed, but Betting Option Vary

Silent Run offers 25 fixed paylines, meaning the player must bet on all 25 for every spin, but number of coins per line and coin size are both adjustable, so a spin will cost players between 25 and 250 coins. Like bingo at, the game is also available in free-play versions, and several casinos serving online gamblers offer both free and real-money versions of Silent Run, so the size of one’s bankroll doesn’t limit one’s ability to play.

A Solid Slots Interpretation of Undersea Stalking

Even the sound effects help reinforce Silent Run’s theme. Apart from a quick burst of portentous military music at the start, the reels spin in silence, with only the faint noise of water rushing over the hull audible, just like in a real sub running silently. Wins are marked by a short celebratory fanfare, but if the player scores a big win on multiple paylines, the stealth rules are dropped for a noisy crescendo and star animations all over the winning icons. With two unique bonuses so different from the usual scatter multipliers and free spins, Silent Run gives slots enthusiasts a tense window into the claustrophobic world of undersea war, although the gloomy atmosphere never quite overwhelms the thrills of winning.