Serengeti Diamonds

Serengeti Diamonds Slots Online

One of the best rated online slots, Amaya’s Lightning Box’s Serengeti Diamonds has a tribal African theme built around the lure of adventure, as if to the jewel seekers of bygone days. That said, the game play is thoroughly modern and smooth, making this classic 5 reel slot a worthy addition to the online range of original game experiences.

The backdrop of the game is the snow clad Mount Kilimanjaro at sunrise, which rises across the Serengeti Plain of Kenya and Tanzania, and is home to Hemingway’s famous leopard. The backdrop is not interactive, but features acacia trees and graduations of colour that complement, without cluttering the reel screen.

The playing card icons appear as low value symbols, rendered with zebra stripes, true to theme. Following these in ascending value are the traditional water pot, the tribal mask, the reed hut, and two of the Big Five, the elephant and the lion. The sounds of these two also feature in the opening music, complete with tribal warriors and traditional African instruments. In truth, the artwork is a rather makeshift collection of African iconography, but makes for a pleasantly redolent atmosphere in the game.

The reels spin to a traditional mechanical rolling sound, but low value line combinations are greeted with a saxophone chorus that jars a little with the theme of the game. It is only when these become greater in value that a chorus of African women takes over the celebrations.

Wilds and Scatters

Mt Kilimanjaro itself features as the Wild symbol, as well as giving the highest payout, in combination, and can substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol, which is represented by the eponymous diamond. Finding 2, 3, or 4 diamonds simultaneously on the reels triggers the Diamond Pick Bonus Game, the only one unique to Serengeti Diamonds, but one with various facets, such as a Multiplier and free spins.

Hold ‘n Spin

When 2 or more diamonds appear on the reels, these will hold in place, and offer three free spins to find more diamonds: each subsequent one gives three more free spins, with the aim of filling all five diamond slots above the reels. Once this happens, you are taken to a screen where you are allowed to pick two diamonds from several blank ones, which will reveal a number of free spins, and a multiplier. There are several chances to pick, if you aren’t happy with the selection, and free spins can be re-triggered during Free Spin mode, for good profits.

Bets and Pay Lines

Serengeti Diamonds only bets on all 25 lines per spin, but the number of coins and credits per line varies: the minimum bet per spin is 0.5 credits, and the maximum is 125, so all levels of slot player are catered for.

I Dreamed of Africa

Serengeti Sunrise gives a great exotic feel to your game play, with plenty of sights, sounds and colours to entertain, if you are bored with the more pedestrian slots: the game allows for a variety of levels of wager, which should appeal to many, and the well laid out screen, easy to understand Pay and Bonus features, and good returns make this a worthwhile popular choice.