Real Money Slots for Real Entertainment Online

Slots games form the lifeblood of most casinos, both online and offline. There are times when playing for free is possible or even more sensible, but real money Slots action is hard to beat. There are plenty of options to choose from, so no matter what players are in the mood for they can find a set of online real money reels to match. To learn more about the different options, keep reading.

Classic Slots

These games are based on the 3-reel and Fruit Machines that were the first Slots introduced to bars, at the beginning of the 20th century in Brooklyn and San Francisco. These generally have fewer paylines (often only 1) than the more modern games, and offer less special features which make them much easier to learn. They’re a great starting block for those embarking on a real money Slots adventure online, and with rewards that are often much bigger than on other machines, they’re popular with seasoned spinners as well. The pub-style Fruit Machines also allow players to control when the reels stop, which can yield big rewards.

Video Slots

Video Slots are much more involved, and are always based on a central idea. These themes could be based on a popular franchise, such as Tomb Raider or Hell Boy, other concepts in popular culture like the lost city of Atlantis and or a general concept such as an Enchanted Garden. The graphics and sounds will all echo the game’s motif, as will the Bonus Rounds that are triggered as players progress.

Other Modern Real Money Slots

Aside from the 2 main categories above, there are plenty of other online slots for players to investigate. Many are as well-designed as Video Slots and have some of their Special Features, but are not as detailed or involved. Others are basically the same as Classic Slots NZ, but with more paylines and more detailed icons. There are also some games that offer Progressive Jackpots, where a central prize is added to by players all over the world who are then all in competition for it. The potential Pots here are much greater than anything a stand-alone machine could offer, and could be triggered randomly or by spinning a specific set of symbols.

Bankroll-Boosting Bonuses

When playing Slots for real money online, there are also plenty of Bonuses to take advantage of. These are usually offered by sites to keep players away from their competition, but they can be really lucrative and allow players to bet and win more – although checking the terms and conditions carefully is always very important. These can come in the form of free spins or as credits to be spent on the reels that amounts to the same thing, but either way when outing down real money Slots enthusiasts can almost always expect to gain a few turns on their favourite game for free. Bonuses are awarded in several different situations, and spinners are strongly advised to choose sites that reward their specific playing style to get the most from them, such as a casino with generous Happy Hour Bonuses if they always play at a certain time. Playing for real money should always be made as profitable as possible.