Queen Of Thrones

Queen Of Thrones Chess Online Slot Game

This is a slot game based on the famous game of chess. Players entering the game will be presented with a slot game comprising 5 reels and 30 pay lines that looks very similar to a chessboard. The symbols of the game are all individual chess pieces and each symbol is split 50/50 into either white or black. This allows for bonus features incorporating either colour and even pitting the two colours against each other. The whole slot is elegantly designed and the bonus features included in the game well thought and germane to this theme. Overall Queen Of Thrones is another unique themed slot from Amaya.

The Structure and Design of this Slot

Being based upon the great game of chess this slot has a lot of theme to express and engage with. The reels are segmented into the squares of a chessboard and players will find well-crafted symbols of all the top chess pieces adorning these reels. These include the lowly Pawns, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and of course both the Queen and King. As mentioned above the symbols are divided into two colours, black and white, although in this slot the black is closer to brown. In the middle of the centre reel players will find a highlighted square. This is the Throne and is the central pillar to a few of Queen Of Thrones bonus features.

The betting situation with this slot is fairly narrow, since the pay lines are fixed at 30 and the only choice is a change in line bet. However the line bets vary decently and so players can have a total bet ranging from 30.0 credits to 6000.0 credits. Queen Of Thrones also has an autoplay feature that allows for a fixed number of automatic spins to play out.

Queen Of Thrones Bonus Features and Symbols

This slot game actually has a fair few quality bonus feature for players to sink their teeth into. The first of these is the aforementioned Throne feature with the highlighted block on the centre tile. This is triggered when the Queen piece lands in this square. It then proceeds to turn all adjacent and opposite coloured pieces into wild symbols, which can then substitute for any other basic game symbols to form winning combinations.

The next bonus symbol on the list is the free spins symbol, which unsurprisingly triggers free spins. In Queen Of Thrones a 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols anywhere on the reels triggers 10, 15 or 30 free spins respectively. At the beginning of the free spins feature the player is assigned a colour, black or white, and if, during the free spins, a symbol of that colour lands on the Throne tile it turns all opposite coloured pieces within that particular chess piece’s range, into wilds. The King symbol is the only exception to this rule and instead earns 3 extra free spins if landed on the Throne.

The Final Bonus Feature of this Slot

Last but certainly not least is the bonus game feature, Big Capture bonus, which is triggered by 3 or more bonus symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5. Queen Of Thrones then teleports the player to a screen with 25 tiles and 5 picks. Players must then aim to find as many possible black pieces hidden behind the tiles as they can with the 5 picks and are rewarded based on the chess pieces’ rankings.