Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack by Amaya

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is an online game based on the very popular table game of blackjack. Developed by software developer Amaya, this game can be found in online and mobile casinos throughout the world. Amaya has its own dedicated casinos where Perfect Pairs Blackjack can be found, but it is also available in non-Amaya casinos. All Amaya games do not require a download to play, which means that they can be accessed via a web browser. Perfect pairs Blackjack is also available to play for real money or for free money.

How to Find Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The first thing a player will need to play Perfect Pairs Blackjack is an Internet connection. This game is accessed via a web browser and is not downloaded, so a constant Internet connection is crucial.  A suitable device is also required, be it a pc or a smart phone or tablet. The game has good graphics so will not be suitable to be played on a smart watch or anything with a very small screen. Perfect Pairs Blackjack can be found by searching its name in a search engine. The player then simply clicks on the desired result. Most online and mobile casinos will require you to create an account, as well as certify your identity, especially when playing with real money. Once this is done, navigate through the casino to Perfect Pairs Blackjack and begin to play.

The Look of Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The first thing you will notice about the game is it’s strive for realism. The view the player looks at is of a half moon blackjack table, just as you would see should you really be sitting at one. The graphics are crisp and detailed, from the shadows on the cards to the rows of chips at the top of the screen. The layout is also simple, with only three buttons at the bottom to choose from; Hit, Stand or Double Down. The odds are laid out to the left of the screen and the table limits and payouts in the upper right.

How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect pairs Blackjack is played with seven decks of cards and can have up to five hands. The aim like any game of blackjack is to get a higher hand than the dealers, without Busting, or going over 21. A player will join the table at the beginning of a game, and lay their bet. Once this is done the dealer or computer will deal all the players two cards, both face up, and themselves two cards, one face up or one face down. Cards two to ten are worth their face value, all face cards are worth ten, and Ace is worth either one or eleven, depending on what suits the player’s hand the best.  The players can now choose to Stand should their hand be high enough, or Hit should they need more points by selecting the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. Once all the players have chosen to Stand or have gone Bust, the dealer then reveals their cards, and Hits until they go over 17 or Bust. The player who has not Bust and has the highest hand wins.