Octopus Kingdom

Overview of Octopus Kingdom Online Slots

Welcome to the underwater world of the octopus king! In this nautical themed slot game you will be tasked with finding a new bride for the King so that he can start a family and continue his undersea dynasty. It is a great looking slot taking place next to the king’s castle entrance. The moustachioed mollusc keeps a watchful eye while you play, occasionally leaping in to offer a selection of bonuses for your help in his marital meanderings.

Octopus Kingdom’s play area consists of five slots and three rows. This is divided into a whopping 40 fixed pay lines offering a wave of wins coming your way.

An Evening With Royalty

The high value symbols start at the high end with the kings golden crown, the cephalopod crest on the front denoting the bearer’s royalty. The second most valued symbols is of course the eventual queen’s tiara, also in a octopod motif. Next in line is the wedding bands of the happy couple and you would be surprised to find that even though the both have eight arms, the each only require one ring.

Finally you have the inevitable clutch of royal octopus eggs, ready to usher in the next regal generation. The pay symbols are rounded out by the lower value 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols, decked out in either kelp, coral and underwater glow worms. The wild symbol is the female suitor octopus. She will substitute all symbols except the bonus icon, which is the envelope containing an invitation to the royal ball.

See You At The Royal Ball

The main draw of octopus kingdom is the royal ball bonus. To achieve this bonus you need to get the three royal invitation envelope symbols, in any position of the second, third and fourth reel. Once you have achieved this draw you will be whisked away to the octopus king’s court where their ball takes place. You are presented with a selection of mollusc maidens to choose from. Once selected you will gain a cash bonus depending how much the king likes her and how much he is impressed with their dance.

Once the royal ball is completed, you then are presented with a final screen where you must choose a lady to become the new queen. In this round you can get up to a 7x multiplier. The rest of the bonus selection in the game is randomly triggered by the octopus king himself. The king will come down from his underwater castle and present you with four bubbles that contain random bonus triggers inside them. They can contain the Royal ball bonus as well as three others.

The Multiplier Bonus

This bonus is a multiplier granted by the king of any wins on the last spin. These come in denominations of 3x, 5x and if you are lucky a 7x bonus resulting in some great wins.

The Magic Wave Bonus

This bonus sends a stream of bubbles across your last spin, randomly rearranging your symbols into new positions. You will receive an additional pay out for this as the bonus triggers after your last win pays out. If these symbols include a few wilds you can get a 10x or even 15x multipliers from this bonus.

The Marine Spins Bonus

With the marine spins bonus you will get one or more reel of wilds appear on your slots screen. You will get one re-spin and with each spin the wilds will move one place to the right. The re-spins keep rolling until all the reels are off screen. This bonus can trigger and up to 40 bonus if you are lucky enough for a truly royal payout.