Medusa Top 20

Details about Medusa Top 20 Slots

One of the games that have been released by the Amaya Game Developer is known as Medusa Top 20 slots. The game setup is fairly standard, with a total of 5 reels and the option of activating up to 25 win lines. Of course the number of win lines that are activated can all be set by the slot player. For instance, you might be on a low budget, and decide to just place small bets and to trigger only a few win lines. There are many players on the other hand who enjoy placing maximum bets, and activating all 25 pay lines for each and every spin. The choice is all down to you, and will depend on what sort of playing strategy you make use of.

The minimum slot wager that can be placed per individual win line is $0.02. On the other hand, the maximum amount that can be bet per line is $5.00. With a maximum of 1 coin per line, this means that the biggest bet you can place for one spin will work out to $125.00. It is all up to you as to whether you decide to go for the big bet in the Medusa Top 20 slot game.

Medusa Top 20 Main Jackpot

The Medusa Top 20 slot is not a progressive jackpot type of game, and so the main jackpot prize will be set at the same amount every time you login and start playing. If you decide to place the maximum bet for a spin, with the hope of winning that big jackpot, then you can be eligible to win the main prize of $31,250. This big jackpot prize is perhaps one of the biggest attractions of the Medusa Top 20 online slot.

While players will not get any free spins in this particular slot game, there are win multipliers up for grabs, which can help to quite dramatically increase your winnings.  The game does include scatter symbols and wild symbols, and there is also a bonus round which can be triggered. Based on the Greek Mythology theme, the images and symbols that are used in the game should be quite attractive to any online players who enjoy this particular style of game. For full details about all of the symbols, as well as what the best winning combinations are, players can refer to the online pay table that comes along with the game.

Medusa Top 20 Options

While the Medusa Top 20 slot is offered at many of the top online casinos, players can in many cases choose to play the no deposit version of the game as well as the real money version. When playing the real money version of the game, players will be eligible to win the online real money jackpot. While you might not be eligible for real money jackpots when playing the no deposit mode of the slot, this is still a great option for trying out the game for the first time. It is also a good way to test out some new playing strategies and to test out the tips you have read about.