Lucky Double

Lucky Double Online Scratch To Win Game

True to its name, Lucky Double presents you with two scratch cards, doubling the chance to play and doubling the chances of winning. Lucky Double scratch cards is an example of Net Entertainment’s latest software to play instant win casino games online.

Lucky Double Game Play Options

To play Lucky Double, you begin by clicking Buy Ticket to pay the $2 required cost per play. As an alternative, the game screen includes a demo option that allows you to play free practice rounds.

After paying the initial $2, the two Lucky Double scratch cards appear side by side on the game screen, ready to be scratched for a chance to win.

On the left is a 2 x 3 grid consisting of six panels, and on the right is a 3 x 3 grid consisting of nine panels.

Next, you use the scratch tool to select one of three scratching objects: a casino chip, a medal, or a cuff link. Using your mouse, click and drag the scratching object up, down and across the boxes on each grid, making sure you scratch the boxes open completely.

Alternatively, select scratch all and allow all of the boxes to be cleared for you.

Boxes that are not completely scratched open are unable to accurately register whether or not there is a win. Take your time and scratch thoroughly to ensure no unnecessary delays during game play.

Betting And Winning Info

The game screen shows you immediately whether or not you have won a round. Your current playing credit can be viewed at the bottom right of the game screen. This reflects all winnings, which are automatically added and will remain up to date as you play.

For a confirmed win, you need to get three of a kind on one of the scratch cards. If there is a dollar amount that has been spread over both the Lucky Double scratch cards that have been played, this will not count because the two scratch cards are evaluated independently of each other.

Game Settings And User-Friendly Interface

Standard settings from NetEnt are featured, allowing players to adjust the game to suit their particular requirements. You can find the setting icons at the bottom of the page. In order, they are a speaker, the scratch tool and a question mark.

Using the speaker, you can adjust or even turn off the volume if you want to.

The scratch tool enables you to select the object that you want to use to scratch open the scratch cards. The scratch sound effects and animations for shavings give you a realistic experience without any of the mess. The objects to choose from are a casino chip, a medal, or a cuff link.

You can use the question mark to access to the Help menu, which will allow you to view the Lucky Double scratch card game rules and a history of your previous games. The history will not include practice plays or the demo.