Jacks or Better Video Poker Guide & Review for Players Online

Jacks or Better Video Poker Guide & Review for Players Online

Jacks or Better is a video poker game that is one of the quintessential casino games displaying the slot machine element of poker, which was developed by Chartwell Technology. Amaya Gaming purchased Chartwell Technology in 2011 and Jacks or Better video poker slots game is now listed as part of their stable. Amaya is a foremost casino software provider operating in the casino, sports betting, poker and lottery markets throughout the world.

Video poker is seen as a relatively recent addition casino gameplay despite being developed in the early 1980’s. The game of Jacks or Better video poker is presented alongside the range of video slot machines, operating on the same software technology that is found in the range of arcade games.

Due to the nature of the game and its popularity, online casinos quickly adopted video poker, and today Jacks or Better is found in casinos around the globe. Jacks or Better offers players decent odds if basic poker strategy is used. Jacks or Better video poker appeals to slots players everywhere.

The Game Description

Jacks or Better is a straight video poker game that is also known as Draw Poker as cards are discharged and then replaced with new ones. In Jacks or Better, players are dealt five cards in their hand.

The cards are then assessed, and players decide how many of the cards to retain. They can retain all, or none at all, with any amount possible. Players therefore keep the cards they want, and draw again, with the rejected cards being replaced with new ones.

The game then evaluates the poker hand thus constructed and pays out any winnings accordingly, so there are plenty chances to win just like when you play the online blackjack now and other regions have to offer players these days.

Jacks or Better video poker game pays out from a pair of Jacks upwards. The top hand is a Royal Flush, which pays out 250:1. The hand rankings and payout range on Jacks or Better, played with a single credit, start at a pair of Jacks with 1:1 and end with a Royal Flush at 250:1, but include Three of a kind at 3:1, a Flush at 6:1, a Full House at 9:1 and Four of a kind at 25:1. These are good odds on the standard poker hands.

Theoretical Return to Players

The theoretical return to players at Jacks or Better video poker if between one and four credits are staked is 98.4% provided players use perfect basic strategy.

Playing 5 credits has a theoretical return to player of 99.5% under the same conditions, and this equates to a Royal Flush payout of 800:1, which is naturally an extremely attractive jackpot.

The Attractions of Jacks or Better

Video Poker, and Jacks or Better is a prime example, is effectively a slots game played with poker cards and a poker payout strategy. The characteristic of any video poker game is that there is a basic strategic element should be implemented by the player in order for them to maximize the odds in their favour and achieve the best possible return on the game at blackjackcanada.net.

Jacks or Better has its own complete strategy sheet, and for any players aiming to win consistently at this game it is crucial that they learn the proper moves for every scenario. This means optimising the odds for every dealt hand, and if played correctly, will result in an extremely high winning rate.