Jacks or Better Multihand

Jacks or Better Multihand Pays for Pairs

America’s Video Poker fans know what they like, and the result has been a number of different developers creating Video Poker titles that cater to all tastes. Jacks or Better Multihand, from Real Time Gaming, frees player from the three-of-a-kind-at-least qualification required by many other Video Poker titles to score a win. A pair of Jacks or better, including Two Pairs, is enough to unlock the Pay Table.

Players can also play up to 10 hands on each round, with held cards becoming common across all the hands played. Each hand will receive different draw cards to replace the discards, however, leaving the player with 10 different possibilities of a winning combination. Along with payouts for two Jacks or better, this multihand feature gives US Video Poker aficionados even more chances to win for the same set bet on Jacks or Better Multihand.

Standard Video Poker Rules Apply                             

Jacks or Better Multihand operates like most other Video Poker titles. The player places a set bet per hand, and is dealt five cards. The player can hold any number of cards from one to five, and draw replacements for the rest. After the draw, all the hands played are assessed for winning Poker combinations, and all winning hands are paid out according to the stake wagered and the multiplier on the Pay Table. If the initial deal yields two Jacks or any other natural winning combination, those cards will be held automatically. However, players can remove that hold and discard the cards, if they think they can draw a higher winning combination.

It is not recommended that they discard guaranteed winners, however, unless they have intricate knowledge of the odds and are confident that more profitable Jacks or Better Multihand combinations are probable on the draw.

Gamble Feature Can Enhance Poor Wins

The Gamble option is now a feature of many slots, blackjack and Video Poker games, and it also features in Jacks or Better Multihand. After any winning hand or hands, players have the ability, if they choose to, to risk the entire win on a 50/50 guess. If they guess right, the win is doubled, and they have the chance to Gamble it again, or bank it. If they guess wrong, they lose the original prize won. Because players are betting on several Jacks or Better Multihand hands at once, it is possible that a total win for a round may be less than the total amount wagered on it.

In this case, using the Gamble feature makes sense, as it can turn a loss into breaking even or indeed a profit. If the win from a round exceeds the total wager, it makes more sense to collect the winnings immediately and ignore the Gamble button.

Video Poker Avoids the Table Game Irritations

One of the reasons so many casino fans like Video Poker in general, and Jacks or Better Multihand in particular, is the way this format does away with potential sources of irritation from other players. The noisy drinker, or the gum chewer; these annoyances can all be encountered at a table Poker game, and that’s before we deal with the intricacies of betting or bluffing.

Jacks or Better Multihand involves only the player and the casino, with only one betting choice to make and one opportunity to draw. It is simpler, faster, and someone else with a stronger hand can’t beat a winning combination.