How to Win at Sports Betting

Becoming a successful sports bettor in Canada is not as simple as it may seem. Most people may have a basic idea of which team will win a certain match or which horse has the greatest odds of winning in a race, however making and winning these bets will not guarantee that you will become a successful sports bettor. In fact all bettors that start their betting career will lose in the hopes that they can win more over a longer time period.

It is clearly evident that the online betting sites will hold better odds and has more of an advantage. But what if there was some way that these roles could change, what if a bettor was able to make use of these sports betting sites to maximise their bets and award themselves greater odds over the online bookmakers? This reversed polarity of online sports betting is in fact highly possible. Punters are able to become advantage players; this refers to a label that the sites have given to bettors that only make their bets if the odds are in their favour.

An advantage player will only look for bets that can be made when the bookmakers odds are a bit on the negative side, they will then strike whilst the iron is hot and utilise this advantage to become a successful bettor. So whether you are a bettor looking to generate money and by being an online betting pro there are a few things you will need to understand first.

Expected Value Bets in Canada

An expected value is a term that is made use of by the best bettors in the world. An expected value could be quite a difficult concept to grasp at first but is fairly easily explained. Let’s suppose two punters are going head to head against one another at greyhound betting online, for every successful bet that is made one of them will gain 1 dollar.

The odds are at 50% meaning that it is either a win or a loss. After 20 bets, the average win to loss ratio for both punters would essentially be 10 wins and 10 losses, and this will fluctuate as bets carry on. This is known as a neutral expected value as over a long enough time period, both punters would break even. However let’s suppose one of them offers a dollar and a half as the pay-out and the other remains at a dollar. Now the betting odds are in the favour of the bettor that gets the dollar and a half.

Although the bets are still a win or a loss, the amount of money that is being won will keep the ratio higher and over an extended period of time this bettor will gain more from these bets. This is known as a positive expected value. Advantage players will seek out these sorts of bets and become successful in their betting careers.

Bettors that choose to wager at the top online sites in Canada can make use of these advantage bets and win more over shorter or longer periods of time.