How to Play Dazzle Me Touch Slots

Everyone loves diamonds and jewels. They represent wealth and success, and this sentiment is particularly true in the world of online casinos. Players can almost be sure that when they see these sparklers flashing across their screens, they are onto something good. Dazzle Me Touch, by NetEnt is filled with such gems.

Reel Symbols

Adorning the reels, players can expect to see brightly colored jewels and lucky number sevens racing up and down their screens, all accompanied by a soundtrack as dazzling as the precious stones themselves. The format of this game is a little bit different to what players in the USA are used to seeing from online slots games, but the game still makes for a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

Basic Structure

Perhaps the most noticeable difference with Dazzle Me Touch is the reels. Instead of the traditional square layout, this game’s reels are structured in a staggered pattern. Simply put, there are three symbols in the first two reels, four in the third and fourth reels and five in the fifth one. Furthermore, it is unique in the sense that it has five reels and 76 betting lines. In other words, each spin brings 76 new opportunities for players to win. As a whole, the structure all works together to make it easier for the player to see when they have spun a win.

Help is Always There

If you are a seasoned player of online slots games and you have become used to a certain structure and in turn, a certain way of playing, it could take a while for you to adjust to the way in which Dazzle Me Touch is set up. However, once you are into it, it will feel as though you’ve been playing this way all along. Should you need a little bit of help, however, you can always press the question mark at the side of the screen. Here, you will find all the information you need to carry on playing.

Bonus Features

Like slots at, of course, Dazzle Me Touch does have some bonus features to keep players entertained. Firstly, there is a free spins round which is designed to help players land some easy wins. Secondly, much like the game itself, the wild symbol is not like a conventional symbol of its kind. Instead of just one symbol to substitute another in order to form a winning combination, an entire reel of wild symbols will appear and slot into potentially winning combinations. The number of wild symbols to appear will depend entirely on the reel that it initially appeared on, as the reels are staggered, after all.

The aforementioned bonus features aren’t the only ones that Dazzle Me Touch online slots game has to offer. There are also a number of free spins available throughout the game, and they can happen at any point. If players in the USA play the game cleverly and with a bit of strategy, they are sure to walk away with a pretty penny.