Fortunes of the Amazons new

Uncovering Fortunes Of The Amazons New

Online slots games have, for so many years, entertained players all over the world. As a result, a number of different themes have emerged, all designed to keep players as interested as possible, especially seeing as how competitive this particular industry is. A number of the themes out there bring about a new twist to the world of online slots games, and Fortunes of the Amazons new is one such game. The basic idea behind this game revolves around players attempting to find their own fortunes, but in order to do so, they first need to tackle an army of female Amazonian warriors who are holding the treasure hostage.

The Game’s Symbols

Because of the intricate theme of Fortunes of the Amazons New online slots game, the symbols associated with the game are strongly representative of Amazonian warriors. These include the game’s official logo, a breastplate, three warriors, jewellery and a bow and arrow. The wild symbol is represented by a fiery icon, and the game also boasts two scatter symbols. These take the form of a wheel and a warrior on horseback. Each and every symbol adorning the reels is a unique one and speaks directly to the game’s overall theme.

Free Spins And Bonus Features

These days, most online slots games have their own bonus features that help players distinguish between them, probably owing largely to the fact that this industry is such a competitive one. Fortunes of the Amazons new has three different features on offer. The first one is called Amazon’s Fire. This bonus feature triggers randomly and can happen after any spin. This awards the player with one free spin and then acts as a feeder or trigger for the other two features. The second feature is free spins. If a player manages to spin three warriors on horseback on the second, third and fourth reels, they will be awarded with five free spins. Another wild symbol will be added to the reel with every spin that comes from this specific feature.

Finally, the Luna Bonus Wheel makes up the third component to the game’s bonus features. This can be triggered by spinning three scatter symbols across the first, third and fifth reels. Two separate circles exist within the Luna Bonus Wheel, one of which awards a prize such as bonus spins, while the other awards a multiplier of a certain value. Both options are, of course welcome, as they mean that players have a chance to increase their overall winnings.

A Slot for All Experience Levels

In a nutshell, Fortunes of the Amazons new online slots game is ideal for players of every level. While the free spins and bonus features may seem intricate and detailed, both beginners and seasoned players can benefit from what they have to offer. Furthermore, this game can be played for free for those who don’t wish to put any real money down just yet, as well as for real money, meaning that it can accommodate players with varying needs and interests.