Fantasy Realm

Delve Into Fantasy Realm Online Slots

The world of online slots games is one that is driven by an array of themes. With thousands of them out there, developers strive to keep creating ones that keep players entertained for as long as possible. In this vein, Amaya has developed Fantasy Realm, an online slots games that sees players met by a wide variety of fantasy creatures, each possessing their own unique abilities. This game’s background includes everything one would think it does, including the likes of tall trees, forests and rolling hills. These colourful graphics certainly do add to the theme of fantasy on which the game itself is based.

This Online Slots Game’s Symbols

Each and every online slots game out there needs to have distinguishable symbols. Not only do these set them apart from each other, they also give players a clear indication of exactly what’s happening on the reels. With Fantasy Realm online slots game, players can expect to see the likes of magic hands, green dragons, burning logs and gold ornaments representing higher values. Lower values, on the other hand, are represented by standard card symbols. Finally, an elven queen represents the wild symbol. It must be noted, however, that she only appears on the first and fifth reels.

Free Slots Spins

As mentioned above, the elven queen represents Fantasy Realm online slots game’s wild symbol. However, she serves a dual purpose. If players manage to get this symbol to appear on reels one and five from one spin, free spins will be triggered. This could yield up to 25 extra spins. Furthermore, this symbol also allows for players to benefit from multipliers of up to two times the amount of their existing winnings. Overall, this game presents players with a number of different ways in which to amplify and maximise their winnings.

Progressive Jackpots

Fantasy Realm online slots game has four different progressive jackpots. Each one holds a different value to it. In order to stand a chance of winning one of these jackpots, players need to trigger the bonus game, which activates randomly. The bonus game is set at a movie theatre’s popcorn counter. Players can choose six of the items on offer. Should the item reveal a single movie ticket, they will be awarded the first jackpot, two tickets and they’ll get the second jackpot, three tickets will award them the third jackpot and of course, four tickets will secure them the fourth and final jackpot.

Fantasy Realm online slots game offers players everything that one would expect from a game of its kind. With an array of symbols that convey its theme, free spins and four different progressive jackpots, this game aligns itself with the same principles we have come to expect from Amaya. Furthermore, this game can be played across a number of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers, making it a convenient source of entertainment and a full package online casino game fit for players of every level of experience.