Dolphin King Jackpot

Dolphin King Jackpot Casino Game

The Dolphin King Jackpot is an online slot machine game, featuring a pleasant sea based theme. As with all slot machine, the player has to place a bet, make a spin, and hope that the stopped icons come together in matching consecutive sequence to create a winning match. Naturally, the more symbols matched in sequence the bigger the win.

Classic card numbers and symbols are used, in conjunction with the sea based picture icons, as well as the titular dolphin king himself. Bets per spin may be lowered and raised and player prefers, per round. This game may be played for free or for real money, but please note that in order to play for real money, the player  will have to have an active account with available funds. To add more funds, please link your bank account and make a deposit.

Symbols And Sounds Used

As well as the classic numbers and card icons, Dolphin King Jackpot features a sea themed selection of symbols. These include a sea shell, a starfish, a sea urchin, and more. If achieving a good match, a pleasant tune will indicate this match to the player, and be clearly marked by a line running through the icons that create the sequence. If part of the match, the dolphin king icon will indicate his presence by a chirping dolphin sound, triggering the applicable bonus.

The Dolphin King

The dolphin king is recognisable by his striking icon, showing him with a crown and sceptre. He is a wild card, and can stand in place as a substitute for any other symbol, creating a match where one was not previously possible. You may, for example, get two goldfish and one dolphin king, creating a match of three. You may also get two goldfishes and two dolphin kings for a better match, and higher payout. The player should hope to see as much of the dolphin king as possible when playing, and keep an eye out for the delightful animation that occurs when he is triggered.

Scattered Pearls Bonus

The scattered pearls, clearly identifiable by their icons, will trigger the rapid fire bonus when matched. Three scattered pearls must be matched in sequence for this to occur, starting from the left most side of the grid. The amount of the rapid fire bonus, which rises steadily as the game progresses, can be seen at any time in the upper left of the screen. Note that the dolphin king wild card cannot count as a match of three with scattered pearls in this game, and that the match must be three pearls icons for the bonus to trigger.

Playing Via A compatible Browser

You can play dolphin King Jackpot directly on your internet browser. Both Chrome and Internet explorer can be used, if the needed Flash software is installed. In order to install Flash, simply do a search for it, then click to download. The software is completely free and will plug into your browser automatically. Note that this game can be played for free, or real money, as the player prefers. To play for real money, be sure to create and account, link it to a bank account, ad make a deposit. If you have more questions, or would like more detailed information, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you intend to play. Don’t forget to keep your login details safe and secure. Always log out of your account when you are done playing.