Several Forms of Craps Online

For many years, Craps has remained the epitome of casino excitement, because bystanders can also place bets, whether they’re siding with the shooter or the house. The result is a highly interactive game with chances to win for everyone. As online and mobile casinos become increasingly popular all over the world, Craps has also arrived in a number of digital versions. Some of these are a straight-up computerised version of the land-based game, with random number generators deciding each throw of the dice. Others marry slot machine features with Craps, to give a whole new hybrid game.

Marrying Slots and Craps

One hybridised version of Craps and Slots is available from Free Slots 4U. The game starts off as a five-reel, three-row slot machine, with 12 paylines. Icons are all features of the Craps table, such as betting chips of various values, snake eyes dice, or familiar table bets. Just like in normal slots play, matching combinations of three or more of these symbols on a payline trigger prizes as per the game’s pay table. The Field bet icon acts as a Wild, to help create more winning possibilities. A 3D die triggers free spins if three or more dice occur anywhere on the reels, delivering up to 11 free spins for nine matching icons. The Craps Bonus Game icon, if two or more appear, takes the player to a second screen, laid out like a standard Craps table.

Craps Rolls as a Slots Bonus

In the bonus screen, the Craps Slots player receives a chip value to place on the table that varies according to the number of matching icons in the triggering spin. This number also determines how many rolls the player can make, and what token value they will receive to place as table bets before each roll. Once the player’s bets are set, they can roll the virtual dice and proceed as they would at an ordinary Craps table. Wins are paid according to standard Craps odds, and added to the player’s slots score at the end of the bonus round.

Fast Mobile Craps Slots

Another slots version of Craps is available under the title Craps Slot Machine, from Tidda Games, and it is designed to facilitate fast mobile play in particular This version features only two reels, with only six possible icons: the six numbered faces of the dice. So each spin, determined by a random number generator, is equivalent to the throw of the dice. Instead of a betting table, the players get betting options after each spin, depending on whether the opening spin was an automatic win of 7 or 11, a 2, 3 or 12 that means the house wins, or any other number that will set a point, and determine how the player can bet before their next throw. In effect, this form of the game gives the player all the betting options of a craps table, but in a linear sequence that makes for simpler coding and faster play. However, players need to be fairly conversant with standard Craps betting if they want to play this version successfully.