Can You Believe That Casino Download used to be the Only Option

Can You Believe That Casino Download used to be the Only Option?

The online casino market is now well developed, and with a history of more than two decades is starting to show evolutionary trends itself. At the outset of the internet and online casino play, the technology was more basic and in order to play games online, it was a requisite that players would need to download the software in order to play the games. Internet speeds were much lower and direct or instant play was not possible in terms of gameplay functionality or efficient financial transactions. Players would go to the casino site, download the game software for free, and then be able to play the games with remarkable efficiency.

A casino download was an expected aspect of play, and players simply accepted the time it took to download games as part of the price they paid for the privilege of enjoying convenient casino play.

A Product of the Mobile Revolution

However, with the onset of the mobile revolution around 2007, focus on casino play changed quite dramatically. Smartphone and tablet users had access to faster internet speeds, and along with the ability to access everything on the go came the expectation to simplify and speed up the play of online games.

Software developers began using Macromedia Flash technology much more, and games that used this flash technology broadened from being a few free sample games to a mainstream gaming option. Players were delighted with the ability to play instantly and not have to sit around waiting for the casino download to be completed.

Technology Advances Improve Gameplay

The advantages of instant play were immediately evident. Play was much quicker and there was no risk of harmful inclusions in these downloads, which allowed many more players to become involved and enjoy casino play.

Especially in the beginning of instant play, however, the difference in gameplay and functionality was very evident, for casino download game were much bigger in size and therefore played much more smoothly and without requiring constant internet access.

Nevertheless, technology has been marching on regardless, and the instant play option at online casinos (or Online Spielautomaten in Deutschland as they’re known in Germany) received much attention. Macromedia Flash games are now evolving into games that use HTML5 software technology, which is compatible with all types of operating system and capable of quick, effective and very smooth gameplay.

Also, internet coverage around the world has been growing as well as speeding up. These developments firmly placed the focus on instant casino play, and casino download options have become less necessary.

The State of Current Casino Play

Today most new casino function exclusively on instant play, and this reflects the mobile trend that has also been sweeping the industry. HTLM 5 technology, despite being fairly new, is threatening to make the necessity of casino downloads obsolete.

Gameplay is now virtually just as smooth using this technology as with the casino download system, plus the risk attached to downloading anything from the internet is removed. Convenience too, is dramatically improved as players appreciate the ability to access any game they feel like and play can commence immediately.

Therefore, as instant play technology sweeps the industry and the necessity of going through a casino download is steadily negated, players now expect to be able to choose and access their games instantly with no discernable decrease in gameplay and graphics, and still access all bonuses and casino offers.

This makes the older casino download system a more specialised option, used mainly for offline play and specific gaming options.