Cash Spin Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Cash Spin Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Cash Spin, created by Bally Entertainment, is an online slots game. It uses an understated theme with simple graphics and play symbols, giving a stream lined gaming experience not bogged down by unnecessary bells and whistles.

The sound design is pleasant and interactive, featuring a game show style announcer who narrates the proceedings when the player hits a special bonus feature. What sets this game apart from other slot games is a unique wheel of fortune bonus system, which allows players the chance to spin a digital wheel and win big prizes.

Cash Spin is available now on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. If wanting to play on an online slots Canada casino site, please search for the game at the appropriate application store, Google Play Store or Apple iStore Store, and download it to the device. Playing on computer desktop requires only that the game be opened in a compatible internet browser. Free play and real money play are available.

Standard Play Features

Cash Spin uses a set of traditional slot same icons, recognisable to anyone who has been using slot games for a few years.  This includes rubies, emeralds, diamonds and a dollar sign, played alongside classic card suits. The card suits include nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace.

The diamond is the most valuable icon, and will payout an enormous amount if matched with itself a minimum of twice, and maximum of five times. The card suits are the least valuable icons, and pay only a moderate amount even if matched the maximum of five times.

To get the biggest possible payouts in the game however, and in order to trigger the wheel of fortune mini-game, look to the special bonus feature symbols. These include the wild symbol, the U-spin symbol, and the moneybag symbol.

Wheel Of Fortune

The wild symbol in Cash Spin, easily recognisable as the yellow icon with the written word wild, may match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. Or example, a winning sequence may consist of two diamonds and a wild, which will payout for three diamonds. Likewise, two wilds and two diamonds will make four diamonds, and so on.

The moneybag icon is the scatter symbol, and will give an instant cash bonus if matching with itself at least three times. If matched five times, the player is given the biggest win possible in the game.

The U-Spin icon will trigger the unique wheel of fortune mini-game, if matching with itself three times. In the mini-game, a second screen will open, showing a classic wheel of fortune. The player must spin the wheel by clinking and dragging with the mouse, or sliding a finger on a touch screen. The wheel will spin, and an instant prize awarded depending on where it stops.

Prizes include instant cash bonuses, free slots spins, and even free spins with multipliers and added wilds. Any prize won will immediately be added to the balance. Or, if the prize is free spins, the free spins will play out automatically. Once the wheel of fortune sequence if finished the player will be returned to the standard game.