Bread Da Bank Slot Review & Guide for Players

Break Da Bank is an online slots game, available to play for free or real money at your favourite online casino. In a world of slot games that is increasingly obsessed with the best graphics and animation, as well as complicated mini-games and bonus systems, Break Da Bank is a breath of fresh air, preferring simplicity over unnecessary bells and whistles.

The game uses a highly simplified play system, using only three reels and five play lines. The symbols are likewise understated, all simple in design, easy to recognise and having just a few variations.

The player is not able to raise or lower the play lines, which may lack in terms of strategy, but this leaves the player to simply sit back, spin the reels, and enjoy the stream lined experience. The game is available now on mobile phone, home computer and tablet.

Note that the game has a free demo version, which allows players to experience the game and learn its rules before committing any real money. If wanting to play for real money, please be sure to be logged into an account and have funds available for play.

Standard Play

Sticking with the simplified design, the symbols in Break Da Bank are classic bar icons. This includes a single bar, double bar, and triple bar. This means it is also easy to understand what is going on when playing on mobile devices with smaller screens.

The only two special symbols used in the game are the dollar sign, which pays out the most, and the Break Da Bank logo. In order to get basic payouts, all matching sequences are simply combinations of the bar symbols.

Three of a kind gives the biggest payouts, however, meaning that two bars should match with two bars three times, which will be a good payout. The more bars, the greater the value for the matching sequence.

A payout is also possible however, with any three bar symbols, such as a one bar, two bar, and three bar, although this is a smaller payout that will generally not cover the initial bet. To start getting the biggest payouts possible, one must pay attention to the two special symbols.

Big Payouts

The dollar sign is one the player will want to see as much as possible. If matching three times, the dollar sign gives a huge payout. It cannot, however, match with any other symbol, and must match with itself to have any value at all.

Finally, the Break Da Bank logo is where the massive payouts lie. This symbol may match in a row, left to right, and diagonally in both directions. For any three of this symbol in this slots NZ game the player gets, an enormous payout is guaranteed.

However, that the different direction matches have different value, with the diagonal match being the most valuable. Any match of three, however, will be highly welcome, with payouts that are up to ten times as valuable as the highest basic matching sequence. For a more detailed explanation of the game rules, please click the info button on the user interface.