An Introduction to Dracos Fire Online Slots

Dracos Fire, by Amaya, is an online slot machine game, featuring a classic swords and sorcery theme. The aim of the game is to spin the reels, and have symbols match to create running sequences. If a sequence is created, a line running through the matching symbols will indicate the sequence, and a payout will be made.

Greater payouts are made depending on the symbols in question. Special bonus symbols can equal major payouts, if landed. The player may keep spinning for as long as they wish, and may play for both free and for real money. If wishing to play for real money, please ensure that you have logged on to your account and have funds available. If you need to deposit additional funds, this can be done quickly and easily via your account interface using MasterCard etc.

Symbols Used in Dracos Fire

Following the theme, the symbols used are a sword, a shield, volcano, dragon’s claws, castle and others. Each is bold, colourful, and easy to recognise, perfect for mobile devices with smaller screens. While the game is running, theme music, strongly reminiscent of fantasy based adventure films, plays to add to the entertainment value. This music is interactive, and will change when the reels spin. The music can be turned off via the options menu located in the upper left of the screen.

Special Bonus Symbols

Dracos Fire has three bonus symbols. The first is the dragon, which acts as a wild card. It can stand as a substitute, and match with any two other symbols. You may, for example, match two castles and one dragon, which equals a winning payout. The jackpot symbol, or burning payout symbol, is the dragon perched atop a pile of gold. If two of these symbols are matched, sitting in sequence from the left, an animated dragon will enter the screen, breath fire, and grant major bonuses. Note that the burning payout symbol cannot match with the wildcard symbol. The last bonus symbol, the dragon’s head, will trigger free spins if matched.

User Friendly Interface

Like some slots in Canada at, Dracos fire has a simple, easy to understand user interface, specifically designed to work with modern touch screens. The current wager can be seen at the bottom of the screen, with the current wager beside it, on the right. To change the wager, tap the arrows in the bottom left. The auto-spin option, found also bottom left, will automatically spin the reels without the player having to do so manually. Click this button, then select how many auto-spins you would like, with the greatest number being 100. The manual spin button, indicated by the dragon’s head, is found at the bottom right. Finally, the bet per line interface is found to the left of the spin button, numbered one to five, and can be adjusted as the player prefers. This indicates how much the player would like to wager per possible sequence. Note that in Dracos fire, matching sequences are possible on multiple lines of the display. If you have more questions about this online slot machine game, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.