A Quick Look at Online Blackjack by Amaya Gaming

Amaya Software, with its recent acquisitions in the electronic poker and casino world, is by far the largest player in supplying electronic equipment to physical casinos, while their innovation of the gaming tablet took casino play to hotel rooms worldwide. They were the first to offer Flash animation powered online games on the internet, which require no downloads, and operate a wide variety of themed slots, holding licences to DC and Marvel Comics, Paramount and Activision franchises.

Blackjack, a Casino Classic

The rules of Blackjack are fairly simple, with variations on the basic theme: players are required to build a hand of cards totalling 21, or as close to this as possible, without going over the total. An initial deal of two cards is bet on, after which bets can be raised and further cards requested, to a maximum of five: hence, the ideal hand is an Ace and a face card in the first round of dealing, or, alternatively, 5 cards of low value.

Variations on this, such as Vegas Blackjack, Lucky 7s, European, and Atlantic City Blackjack differ according to such variables as the number of decks in play, the number of fellow players at the table, whether these are real or electronically generated, the way in which bets are placed and managed, and the possibility of splitting hands (when two cards of equal value are dealt in the first hand, a player is allowed to form two hands, and bet separately on each). In each of these, pre-determined factors such as the number of cards and the dealer’s decision to stick at a certain score will have an impact on the House edge. The lowest Edge in all of these, and thus the highest Return To Player rate, is from Amaya’s highly popular Single Deck Blackjack, while the Side Bet rule in Lucky 7 Blackjack skews the House odds somewhat in its favour.

Amaya Deals You in at the Table

Amaya Blackjack is characterized by smooth game play and swift dealing, regardless of the speed of the internet connection, and realistic, rather than flashy animation. The tempo of the games is reasonable, since there is no need for your opponent to consider his options, without leaving the player feeling rushed. The games have sought to recreate the feel of being seated at a casino table, with green baize backgrounds, realistic chip slots and card shoes, down to cup holders at the side of the table. All of this is viewed at an angle as if from the height of a player, so that the only thing missing is the possibility of catching a glimpse at other players’ cards.

Amaya does also offer the option of Live Blackjack, with real time dealers: here the factor of attractiveness can also be taken into consideration, since these are all generally of a high standard of professionalism. It is worth familiarising yourself with the hole card rule in play here, since it gives the dealer an advantage when a face card blackjack is drawn, but the higher overheads of the live play may account for the greater House advantage in this game.

Amaya Brings the Best of Casinos to You

Unless you are looking for something radically different to the classic casino experience, Amaya’s Blackjack  games really do give the best online options for great game play and competitive odds, in a classy environment that you can access wherever you may be in the world.