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A Look at Betsafe Casino’s Live Dealer Options

Many online gamblers will have had experience with Betsafe casino, as it has become world-famous for both the wide assortment and high quality of the games it offers. Up until quite recently Betsafe Casino’s game selection was divided up into two different areas: their Net Entertainment slots games were available from Casino Red, and their Microgaming offerings were at Casino Black. These are now available as a single package, and the live dealer options at Betsafe casino have stood the test of time, consistently delivering one of the best experiences around for players who enjoy these games. They have three different live gaming areas available, one to suit every player’s taste.

The First Live Dealer Area

The first of the live dealer options at Betsafe casino is the Monte Carlo, and this area features live blackjack; baccarat and the wheel game for players. This is the original version of their live games, with the action being streamed from a studio in Latvia. This is the base of Evolution Gaming, a company that is widely held to be one of the foremost suppliers of the technology for live gaming within the online gambling industry.

The Second Live Dealer Area

The software for the second of the live dealer options at Betsafe casino comes from Net Entertainment, a company that is able to more than hold its own as far as this type of online gambling is concerned. There is another option for live blackjack available here, albeit with a couple of twists to help their version stand out from the multitude available online. The leading offering in this area is the HD roulette, offering the finest graphics currently available anywhere for play. Players need to ensure that their internet connections is able to support HD streaming in order to make use of this option.

This area also offers live common-draw blackjack, unusual for standard live casinos. This game was designed to allow many different players to access a table at the same time, and many more than is possible in standard blackjack games, as in the case of the latter there is really just one hand being played against the dealer. Players will vote on whether to stand; hit or double and the community will then take the prize or the house will win. Players are able to select stakes that suit them, and join or leave the game at any point without having to risk missing out on any action.

Betsafe Macau Live Casino Option

The Third Live Dealer Option

The third and final of the live dealer options at Betsafe casino is Macau Live, and this is based on Evolution’s most state-of-the-art technology. Evolution has recently added even more games to the selection available in this area, making the live dealer options at Betsafe casino one of the biggest and best available anywhere. Like variety in the MasterCard pokies, there is a variation of roulette available in this live casino, marked Immersive Roulette, as well as live options for three-card poker and casino hold ‘em. For fans of poker, this is the cream of the crop as far as live online experiences go, and these games are widely held to be the best of what is available anywhere online.